Feel The Fear… And **** It!


You’re scared. So what?

I’m not being heartless. After all, I feel fear too! But over the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking about self-doubt and how to get over it, and this is the second way: understanding that a little bit of fear and self-doubt is completely normal.

That’s right. Normal – and universal. One of my friends recently attended a Business Mamas event and the next day called to tell me that her biggest takeaway had been that everyone is scared!

Research tells us that women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men, but we’re much more frightened than they are. The Women’s Report, conducted by Babson College, the Universidad Del Desarrollo and the University Tun Abdul Razak, discovered that while fear of failure hits all entrepreneurs and is their biggest concern, women fear it more than men. We’re frightened of failure, or frightened of success, and frightened of everything in between.

But the issue isn’t whether you feel the fear or self-doubt, it’s what you intend doing. Fear is natural, but it can become a problem if you let it dominate your thoughts, and let your thoughts dictate your actions.

When you are scared, you can convince yourself of anything. You go into self-protection mode, saying things like, “I have this gut feeling…” or “My intuition is telling me…” or “There is no possible way I could do this…” or you start listing all the reasons this will not work. Guess what? It’s all bollocks! The truth is you are scared, you have self-doubts.

We all have self- doubt! Deal with it! Take a deep breath and keep on going. Remind yourself of the facts.

The facts are that starting a business and making it a success is not beyond you. It is not some sort of wild impossibility. The mumpreneur movement is gathering rapid momentum and it is powered by women like you and me.

In Australia, 30% of small businesses are being started by mums, and another 33% are being started by mums with a male partner. This makes us a strong presence in the majority of businesses, and the figure grows each year! And the business mama movement is not only an Australian trend – it is global. In China, for example, females now account for one quarter of the total number of entrepreneurs, and 55% of new Internet businesses are being founded by women.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and do it, business mamas!