Jen Murnaghan

Jen Murnaghan   I was walking along a beautiful seafront walk close to [...]

Christine Jolly

Christine Jolly Before moving to Australia I had studied to be an Art [...]

Sandi Zaljevic

Sandi Zaljevic I started work at 16 years of age as a hairdresser, [...]

Annika Coulson

Annika Coulson   The Northern Beaches Kids Guide grew out of my frustration [...]

Melissa Colosimo

Melissa Colosimo I had done a science degree at Melbourne Uni but I [...]

C & L Amirparviz

C & L Amirparviz   Leila Amirparviz After high school I started Photography [...]

Bianca Fiebiger

Bianca Fiebiger I didn’t have a specific goal growing up.  I fell into [...]

Jade McKenzie

Jade McKenzie   When I left high school I had no idea what [...]

Leah James

Leah James   I always wanted to be a singer, that was my [...]

Rebecca Glover

Leah James   I grew up in the UK in Exeter but my [...]