Katheryn Sari

Katheryn Sari I grew up in Adelaide and went to an all girl [...]

Caroline Taylor

Caroline Taylor I grew up by the beach in Brighton, and left school [...]

Sarah Barnes

Sarah Barnes I grew up in the country south-west of Perth on a [...]

Kristy B Turnball

Kristy B Turnball I went to school in Brisbane, and I didn’t really [...]

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen The truth is I might have been brain-washed by my parents [...]

Elisa Langer

Elisa Langer When I was little I grew up on a sheep station near [...]

Helen Janneson Bense

Helen Janneson Bense My family is originally from Finland and I grew up [...]

Bridget Savage

Bridget Savage   When I left school my dreams definitely were not what [...]

Naomi Gora

Naomi Gora   I was a bit of a late bloomer.  I grew [...]

Katinka Smith

Katinka Smith When I finished school I took a year off, and I [...]