Do you think you could tell something about my values just by looking at Business Mamas? I reckon you could! Even a wild guess would come close to you getting it spot on, and that’s why you’re here, reading these words, and hopefully, why we’re working together.

That’s the beauty of values. They influence every part of a business, and they bring the people who share them, including customers, closer. They create cultures and communities. And they provide a solid foundation even when everything else is changing. But that’s only the beginning.

Values are motivation.

And not just any run-of-the-mill, “I have to do this so I might as well get started” motivation, but awesome, fiery, MIGHTY motivation!

Last week we talked about setting goals, and this week we’re going to talk about having the motivation to work on them. Aligning your goals to your values is the single, most powerful thing you can do to ensure you’re always motivated to keep going – even when the going gets tough.

When your goals and your values aren’t aligned, you’re just not motivated. Sometimes you might even feel as though you’re being pulled in two different directions! That’s because no matter how great the goals might be, somewhere in your brain or in your heart you’re thinking or feeling, “This isn’t right. This doesn’t feel right.”

On the other hand, when your goals and your values match, your brain, your heart, even your entire body, says, “YES!” You’re excited. You can’t wait to work on those goals. And even when you don’t have those lovely fluttery butterflies of excitement, you have something even bigger: a rock-solid sense of purpose.

That’s exactly what you need to make it all happen, business mama!

Are your goals tied to your values?

Do you, in fact, know what your most precious, important values are?

If you don’t, that’s OK. Most of us tend to live our values rather than think about them! But thinking about what they are is exactly what you’re going to do for you and your business because it will give you a powerful WHY for what you’re doing. And you know I believe that it’s all about your WHY!

Finding out your values begins with a list. Get comfortable, and get quiet: you’re going to be doing a lot of thinking, and possibly some squirming! Ask yourself, “What is most important about who I am?”

Start brainstorming the answers, keeping them to just a few words each, without censoring yourself in any way. You may get answers like, “I am honest,” or “My family are the most important thing to me,” or “I don’t take any crap from anyone”. These are your values.

Now compare your values to your goals.

Do your goals confirm your values, or compete with them? If they confirm your values, well done – you’re well on your way to making those goals happen! But if your goals compete with your values, you’re going to adjust them so they confirm. And if you simply can’t make a goal align with your values, cut your losses and get rid of it. It’s far better to replace a bad-match goal early, than it is to spend time wrestling with a goal that’s not right for you.

And that’s it! Now that your values are working with your goals, your business plan, and your vision and mission, you are ready to make amazing things happen.

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