I’m big on doing. I love getting stuff done, and no matter how inspirational a vision might be, I’m not satisfied until I know how I’m going to get to that vision. And you shouldn’t be satisfied either! You know why? Because if a business is going to transform your life, like I 1000% believe it’s got the power to do, you’ve got to get cracking! You’ve got to get stuff done!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about your vision and mission, and your business plan. That takes care of your inspiration and planning – now we need to focus on the doing! And this is where your business goals come in.

First up, we need to acknowledge the big fat elephant in the room: that many, if not most, people aren’t all that enthusiastic about goals. Too many times failing to lose those last 5kg or save 30% of every wage packet has given us a bad taste for goals. I get it! But if this is you, you’ve got to reframe goals and what they mean to you because your business success depends on them. Goals help you know exactly where you’re going, and the steps you need to take to get there.

So let’s get you started on setting some big, hairy goals!

Your business requires two types of goals: strategic goals, and operational goals. And in order for you to set them, you’ll need your business plan and vision and mission statements in front of you: it’s the point where they all come together!

Your strategic goals are your longer-term objectives, so to set them you’ll need to look at your mission statement. Ask yourself: what does my mission statement tell me I must do? Turn each one of those do’s into a strategic goal.

See? Easy! But the goals at this stage will be pretty huge and long-term, which is where your operational goals come in.

Your operational goals are the short-term tactics that will get you to your strategic goals and ultimately, your mission and vision. So have a look at each one of your strategic goals and ask yourself, “What practical things do I need to do to make them happen?” Break your massive strategic goals down into smaller and smaller goals until you have a bunch of practical, doable steps that you can follow to ultimate success.

And that’s pretty much it, except for one last thing.

The secret to achieving your goals is to measure how you’re going on a regular basis. So your goals should also include followup details: how often are you going to measure your progress? Are you going to measure it, or is there someone who can hold you accountable, like your coach?

We’ll talk about how to stay motivated while working on your goals next week. In the meantime, let’s get stuff done, business mama! It’s the only way of making your beautiful, shining dreams come true.