Make your dream a reality!


Over the past four weeks we’ve been talking about how to finance your business without money. How are you feeling after that, business mama? Can you see the possibilities ahead of you? Are you excited? I hope so – I’m excited for you!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to take you through our Brilliant Business Basics: everything you need to make your most beautiful dreams come true!

We’ll begin this week with one of my favourite things: the inspiring, and powerful, vision and mission.


Your Vision Statement: Imagine the possibilities

Creating a vision is not something you do to tick a box or because someone told you that you should. When you are passionate and create something that is meaningful to you, a vision statement is powerful. Your vision inspires you when things are tough, provides direction when you are confused, and describes a destination that you are excited to reach.

I want you to reflect on your business or idea. Take yourself back to when you first starting thinking about it. What were those thoughts? What did you imagine the business could become? What was the picture you built in your mind?

Think about your business or idea today. Forget about practicalities, your to-do list and writing your business plan.

Give yourself permission to think freely, to dream and to think big! What is your dream for your business? What are the possibilities? What do you want your business to look like in 5 to 10 years from now? Let your imagination run wild!

Then keep going! Imagine what your business would like if it achieved everything you want it to. Don’t hold back! This is not the time to think about the how. In a world that was limitless, what picture would you paint? What growth would you achieve? What markets and geographical areas would you serve?

See, this is fun! You are on you way to crafting your business vision statement!

Once you have visualised the future of your business, your next step is articulating your vision so it will give you direction, guide your decision-making, and continue to inspire you!

Let’s do it!

There are a million different ways to craft an inspiring vision for your business. Some favour short and sharp, while others love a story. I don’t think it matters as long as it captures your dream and paints a vivid mental picture of where you want to take the business.  Whatever helps you achieve this, do it! Do it your way- in a way that works for you.  I personally love a story and find that adding picture makes my vision clearer.

Talk about the great experiences you are creating for your customers; the great brands you are partnering with; the contribution your business has made to the world; the difference your business is making in people’s lives; the problems you are solving. Detail the number and locations of your outlets; your range of products or services, running out the door; your distribution channels; your amazing online presence; your mind-blowing revenue. Describe your dream team and how they feel about your business; and what customers are saying about you.

Remember that your vision is your destination – not the roadmap (we will cover that soon)!

Here are a few sentences to get your vision started. Or you may come up with your own – just remember to always write in the present tense, as if it’s the now, and it’s happening.

[My business] is…

It’s five years from now and my business…

My vision is…


Your Mission Statement: Make It Happen

Now that you have mastered your business vision we are ready to tackle your mission.

Quite simply, your mission statement details what you actively do, every day, to get to the place in your vision. It articulates the purpose of the business, what it does, how it does it, and why.

For example, Business Mamas’ mission is to provide education and inspiration to mums so they can successfully start, run, and grow their own businesses, so that they can live the happiest version of themselves.

To arrive at your mission statement, ask yourself: what do I do every day, to get to my ultimate destination? Who do I do it for, and why?

As before, pay attention to your language. Be clear, and use words that come to you naturally. Paint a beautiful, vivid picture, but don’t tie yourself up in knots to do it!

Once you have a vision and mission, you have the basics for your business plan. Together they are powerful, and will work to make your beautiful dreams become beautiful reality.

More on that next week. See you then!