At Business Mamas we have one aim: to help you, as a woman and mother, have it all – on your terms.

We do this by giving you brilliant education and resources you need to develop and run a successful business of your own, which will give you independence, flexibility, endless choices, and meaning in what you do. Through our genius coaches and awesome Business Mamas community, we also give you the support you need to have a beautiful and thriving family life.

We don’t do average, and we know you don’t want to be average, either! Because we’ve been there and are still there, we understand how important it is for you to do what you love and are passionate about, while raising your family on your terms. We’re with you every step of the way.





At Business Mamas our aim is to enable and equip you, as a woman and a mother, so you can ‘have it all’. We’ll provide you with the education and resources you need to develop a business of your own so you get to choose the best way to balance your work life with your family life. We’ll help you do what you love and are passionate about whilst having the flexibility to raise your family on your terms.  Imagine being able to develop a business that you’re passionate about, and most importantly, one which allows you the freedom of being a mum first! Well it’s time to stop imagining and start doing, because you deserve to ‘have it all’.

We provide a flexible training environment and work with you, step-by-step, to develop and launch your business idea. Our business school has been created by mums for mums who understand the challenges of chasing your dreams….. and your kids!


Imagine having a business that you’re passionate about, and most importantly, one that gives you the freedom of being a great mum first. Well, it’s time to stop imagining and start doing, because you can have it all!

But what does “having it all” mean, anyway?

“Having it all” doesn’t mean living up to someone else’s impossible standard, or to some perfect image constructed for the media. It means what you want it to mean. It may be the flexibility of picking your kids up from school, or help out in the classroom. It may be choosing the days of the week you’re going to work. It may be taking holidays when it suits you and your family. It may be choosing how much money you’re going to earn. At Business Mamas we don’t define what it means to have it all: we just concentrate on helping you have it, whatever that may be.

Business Mamas was created for mums by mums who understand the challenges of chasing your dreams… and your kids! We provide the flexible training options you need, the step-by-step knowhow and tools, and the support you need to grow in confidence and ability.

We know that being a great mum is your top priority, and we’ll show you how to go after what you want without taking anything away from your family. You can live happy, work happy, and be happy!

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

-Dalai Lama

At Business Mamas, we passionately believe in the power of supported, quality training.

Our programs are designed to help you whether you’re starting out in business, or have an existing business that you know can do better.

Through our Diploma of Business, short courses, workshops, and coaching, we will help you develop your business from brilliant idea through to rocket-launch stage, or fill in the gaps of your existing business so you can reach dizzying new heights.

We make your journey to wildly successful business mama simple, doable, and heaps of fun!

At Business Mamas we love to have fun, but we’ve also got the right stuff. Century Group Pty Ltd, trading as Business Mamas, is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 6127). This means that we are accredited to deliver nationally-recognised qualifications across Australia, including our brilliant Diploma of Business (BSB50215).

But that’s just the beginning. Our courses and workshops are created and delivered by experts with masses of real-life experience in business, and our coaches are the best of the best. Many of them are business mamas just like you! We all have the same vision and exacting professional standards. We believe that nothing is too good for our mamas, and it shows in everything we do.


Macala Squire
Macala SquireCEO

Hello! I’m Macala Squire and I’m a business mama, just like you. I am a mum to four young children, wife to a very supportive (and super spunky) husband, and I started Business Mamas.  I know small business. And I believe in small business. From the age of 12, promoting my mum’s flower arranging business to anyone who’d listen, to years later, building up businesses from zero to millions of dollars, I understand what a business can mean. It can mean getting you out of somewhere you don’t want to be. It can mean all your dreams coming true. And it can mean everything in between.

I started Business Mamas because the women I speak to on a daily basis not only have families and brilliant business ideas, but they also have serious needs. They’re struggling. They want to grow. They need choices, independence, and meaning, and I know that a business can give it to them. Businesses are that powerful – and life changing.

Like most things in life, the way to that kind of powerful business is education. I love how education can change people’s lives for the better, and continuously learning, growing, and challenging ourselves is one of life’s great opportunities. It’s what Business Mamas is all about. Being a business mama isn’t a label or a brand to me: it’s something I live every day. I know the joys and challenges of nurturing a business and a family at the same time, and my greatest thrill is helping women like you do the same.

So thank you for joining me! Let’s do this – business mamas together!


‘Business Mamas is a great course! Offering great support, very easy to follow and can do in your own time. My head is full of ideas! I have enjoyed putting everything down on paper and getting a starting point. I am most proud of my business plan.’
Adrianne Spencer
‘As a small business operator that was merely surviving, I realised the number of tasks that I had been neglecting to do to make my business work for me. But since becoming a Business Mama I can see that my small business has the potential to become successful and it’s ok to take it in a different direction. I can explore other avenues and ideas, you can study at your own pace and you don’t have to have all answers straight away. You will always have support with regular contact, guidance and advice from your awesome Business Mama Angel.’
Angela Coombs , Kaszazz
‘You can do it! In your own time, at your own pace – it is so flexible and convenient! At the end of the course you will have learnt and compiled all the information needed to start or in my case continue with my brand new business. It is easy to relate, all the webinars, texts and even the activities are relative to us mamas, it isn’t in gibberish it is in a language that we can understand and we can all relate to!’
Rebecca O’Brien , Brie Corporate