“Business Mamas is a great course! Offering great support, very easy to follow and can do in your own time. My head is full of ideas! “
Adrianne Spencer
“Since becoming a Business Mama I know I will be a success. You always have support with regular contact, guidance and advice from your awesome Business Mama Angel.”
Angela Coombs , Kaszazz
“You can do it! In your own time, at your own pace – it is so flexible and convenient! It is easy to relate, all the webinars, texts and even the activities are relative to us mamas, it isn’t in gibberish, it is in a language that we can understand and we can all relate to!”
Rebecca O’Brien , Brie Corporate

Our Story

Hello! I’m Macala Squire and I’m a business mama, just like you. I am a mum to four young children, wife to a very supportive (and super spunky) husband, and I started Business Mamas.

I know small business. And I believe in small business. From the age of 12, promoting my mum’s flower arranging business to anyone who’d listen, to years later, building up businesses from zero to millions of dollars, I understand what a business can mean. It can mean getting you out of somewhere you don’t want to be. It can mean all your dreams coming true. And it can mean everything in between.

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macala’s musings

We’re so happy to share with you our how-tos, thoughts, tips, tricks, and general Business Mama brilliance, to help you along your business journey!

Being a business mama is all about sharing and supporting each other, so if there’s a handy tip you’d like to pass along to help other business mamas out there, get in touch and tell us all about it.

Check out our latest post, and let us know what you think!

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